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Pub and Bar AdvertisingIntegrated Campaigns in Busy Venues.

Back bar screens in bars and pubs

Targeting 18 – 35 year olds in national chains and independent bars.  Plasma screens, posters, bar runners, email databases, experiential, WiFi and more.  Highly visible, high impact campaigns can be executed nationally or in just a single venue maximising ROI and minimising required budget.

Ad Replacement TechnologyHigh Compliance Networks, Minimal Cost.

advertising during the most watched sports events

No new screens or cabling required.  No content required.  Just the venues' existing AV setup, your clients’ ads and one of our systems.  Our systems turn the TV broadcasts being watched into bespoke channels for branding, promotions and selected 3rd party advertising.

Wifi that does moreUseful for you and your customers


Managed wifi that connects customers to your facebook and online marketing effort and also provides you with detailed customer footfall analytics.  Compare sites and measure whether your efforts to increase footfall are paying off.  Secure and easy to install.

Logo Blocking and Replacement Replace graphics and logos as they appear

advertising sales in London

If you want to detect and replace certain graphics or logos then we can help! These systems can even use the appearance of certain graphics to trigger a scrolling message with your special offers across the screen (e.g. after a goal has been scored)

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Sample Campaigns

Klipdrift Who's gonna take it?
The campaign used Screens as well as Table Tents, Fliers, Posters in the Bars to drive traffic to Facebook.

O2 campaign
The telecommunications giant O2 ran their second campaign through Half Minute Media.



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