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Half Minute Media works with both large national chains and unbranded or independent venues.  Our partners are large, popular, town centre pubs and bars which are generally late license holders. They offer extensive food and drink menus and entertainment ranging from live sports broadcasts (often on HD and 3D) to DJs, bands and student nights.  The customers are predominantly 18 – 35 years old and there is a 60:40 male to female mix. They are from the ABC1&C2 lifestyle groups and are often pre-family, living in shared accommodation or with a partner.  The girls spend their money on fashion, music, dancing and holidays whilst the boys spend a lot on gadgets, games, holidays, music and going out.  Student nights attract a loyal following.

Several dedicated screens positioned prominently behind the bar and around the interior of each venue show a playlist of music videos and in-house promotions.  Our clients’ ads will appear a minimum of five times per hour as standard and up to 10 times per hour if high frequency is required.  We suggest using creative that works well without audio or adding subtitles.  In specified venues that show a lot of live sport we will use our ad replacement systems to ensure that our clients ads are shown on all the plasma and projector screens as well whenever there is a broadcast ad break.  Please see the links on this page for a list of sites or to request a media kit with pricing.

Screen based campaigns can be complimented with posters (A0 - A3) in the washrooms and in the interior of the venue.  Our design team can help with copy and we can arrange printing and distribution to the venues.  Further support can come in the form of sampling, table tents, branded bar runners and even staff shirts in specified venues.  See the links to sample campaigns on this page for further information on these integrated campaigns.

In terms of interactivity we offer SMS response mechanisms (either as part of a poster or screen ad or through announcements in the venue), click through banners in customer database email shots and even customer WiFi redirects.  The WiFi redirects send each customer to a specified URL when they first log into the internet in the venues and are a great way to get people onto your website for awareness or special offers. 

We are experts in arranging and managing campaigns targeting pub audiences and we will be able to help you identify the relevant venues and tailor a campaign that suits the both the marketing goal and the available budget.



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Sample Campaigns

Klipdrift Who's gonna take it?
The campaign used Screens as well as Table Tents, Fliers, Posters in the Bars to drive traffic to Facebook.

O2 campaign
The telecommunications giant O2 ran their second campaign through Half Minute Media.



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