Ad Replacement Systems

How it works


Half Minute Media has developed systems that automatically detect the presence of advertising in TV broadcasts and replace the broadcast advertising with replacement ads that are targeted at the audience in a specific venue or group of venues. These systems use digital fingerprint matching technology to detect the presence of advertising within half a second of it appearing. They then switch all connected projectors and plasmas to the replacement advertising output for the duration of the broadcast ad break before returning neatly to programming. The systems are thoroughly proven over a number of years in very demanding environments with built in fail safes designed to ensure hassle free operation for venues and to minimise the need for onsite maintenance by operators.

The system is designed to comply with broadcast and copyright laws and we have taken extensive legal opinion in the UK, South Africa, Australia and Norway to ensure that we are operating this disruptive technology in compliance with local legal frameworks. Our systems do not alter, delay or copy the broadcast, they simply automatically change the source that the TVs receive their signal from for the duration of each ad break. Because the default setting is for the live TV signal to pass straight through our systems there is no chance of various TVs in a venue being out of synch with each other or even of the picture being lost if power to our unit is lost. Each system comes complete with a ‘panic button’ that allows venue staff to instantly return to the live TV feed at any time during advertising!

Our ad replacement systems can display video ads, static ads and also websites showing live information such as betting odds, live pricing or similar real time information. Ads can be made by our studios or submitted by email or FTP. We also offer a free online ad creation system for venue staff to create and schedule their own static ads for short term promotions and general information. Advertising is generally distributed over the internet using FTP and bittorrent protocols. This means that ads can be scheduled, distributed and go live in hundreds of venues in less than an hour from receipt in our office. The systems are ideally operated over broadband networks to enable realtime control and reporting as well as remote system maintenance.

We have significant experience in operating and monetising these networks and are now supporting licensees who wish to start their own ad funded networks. We also licence the technology to individual venues who simply run their own promotions during every ad break without searching for 3rd party revenues. Our ad sales team will always be on hand to help generate funds for licensees if requested. Please use the details on the ‘contact us’ page to enquire about the ad replacement technology.


Copyright issues?
The system controls the TV not the broadcast. It doesn't modify, copy or delay the TV broadcast. When an ad break is detected the system controls the TVs to switch to an alternate video source, the HMM ads.

I run a pub, how can I use the system?
You can advertise your own offers, promote your events or sell you ad space.
You can create your ads online for free.

Useful information

Sample Campaigns

Klipdrift Who's gonna take it?
The campaign used Screens as well as Table Tents, Fliers, Posters in the Bars to drive traffic to Facebook.

O2 campaign
The telecommunications giant O2 ran their second campaign through Half Minute Media.



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