Logo and Graphics detection

How it works


Real time detection and replacement of graphics and logos in video streams is an extension of the systems for real time detection and replacement of TV advertising and are marketed under the "TV Ad Tech" brand.  TV Ad Tech systems enable venue operators to insert their own choice of graphics onto their television screens during live events in a way that doesn't clutter the screen with graphics additional to those inserted by the broadcaster.  These systems can even use the appearance of graphics indicating, for example, that a goal has been scored to trigger the appearance of scrolling text with live odds or special offers from the bar.  TV Ad Tech systems have proven useful to venues that need to comply with the ruling in the FAPL v QC Leisure case which requires that logos and graphics that are not authorised for viewing in the UK are eliminated from broadcasts.


The Technology

The graphics detection system is optimised for real time detection and replacement of features such as graphics and logos in video signals.  It has been designed to locate static or animated features regardless of whether they are solid, translucent, large or small as they first appear in the video signal.  Replacement is managed by either software or hardware (or both) depending on requirement.  The system includes technology for which patents have been applied and for which patents have already been granted to Half Minute Media and incorporates the ability to replace advertising as well as logos and graphics.

Useful information

Sample Campaigns

Klipdrift Who's gonna take it?
The campaign used Screens as well as Table Tents, Fliers, Posters in the Bars to drive traffic to Facebook.

O2 campaign
The telecommunications giant O2 ran their second campaign through Half Minute Media.



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