Customer WiFi with Footfall Analytics and Marketing Tools

How it works


Customer WiFi is important in it’s own right.  Having said that, if you provide customer wifi then why not provide it with an easy to install system that also works hard to provide really useful analytics and which promotes your online marketing and social networks?  


Easy to self install

Our pre-configured solutions are secure and simple enough to add to your existing internet connection straight out of the box.  Users agree to standard terms and conditions, your own network (tills, computers etc) stays secure, you set the bandwidth limits for uploading and downloading.  Even a large multi-level venue presents no great problem as these wifi routers relay the internet connection ‘over the air’ and require no complicated network cabling (just a power source).  You really can be supplying wifi in all corners of a large or small venue within minutes.  Of course we offer an install service or telephone helpdesk if you prefer it or need it.


Footfall Analytics

Want to know how long an average customer visit is at each site?  How about whether those new A-boards or marketing campaigns have increased footfall this week?  Upload and map your sales data against footfall to see which site is converting footfall into sales most (or least!) successfully?  What about knowing what percentage of people who pass by actually come in?  Our wifi systems monitor the presence of wifi enabled devices (phones, tablets etc) and collate and present all this data for you in real time.  Look at it on an hourly or daily basis.  Compare sites. Measure campaign effectiveness.  And it is effortless!


Online Marketing and Social Networks

You have the option to redirect users to your own online marketing pages to keep them informed of your upcoming events and special offers once they are connected.  You can also allow users to check in to your venue via facebook so that their friends know where they are & discover your business.  These users will be asked whether they want to like your facebook page so that you can continue to connect with them.  Effortless!


Data available

Daily footfall
Hourly footfall

Useful information

Sample Campaigns

Klipdrift Who's gonna take it?
The campaign used Screens as well as Table Tents, Fliers, Posters in the Bars to drive traffic to Facebook.

O2 campaign
The telecommunications giant O2 ran their second campaign through Half Minute Media.



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